Domestic violence is an escalating pattern of assaultive and/or coercive behaviors that may include physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.


Domestic violence affects victims in all walks of life, regardless of race, social status, or economic status. Unlike most other crimes, victims of family violence are victimized by those they trust and love.


Victims may experience a wide variety of emotions and may be confused by feelings of fear, loyalty, love, guilt, and shame. They are torn between the desire to protect and help a loved one, and their responsibility to their own safety as well as the safety of any other family members in the household.


Domestic abuse always escalates, sometimes to murder, if there is no intervention by a caring friend, relative or neighbor.




·         Yelling, screaming and banging coming from inside the home

·         Verbal threats, insults and name-calling

·         Embarrassing or humiliating a partner in front of others

·         Bruises and other signs of impact on the skin, with the excuse of “accidents”

·         Fear of the partner, references to the partner’s anger

·         Isolation from friends and family

·         Insufficient resources to live (money, credit cards, food, car)


Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence?


The Gulf Coast Women's Center for Nonviolence provides 24-hour, 7 day per week crisis intervention services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. 


The crisis line is staffed by trained personnel who can assist women who call in with accessing our domestic violence shelter if needed or other community resources. 


Residents of the domestic violence shelter are provided with food, clothing, childcare, some transportation, and personal hygiene items.  Crisis intervention, individual and group counseling and case management services are provided for residents of the shelter.  During their stay in the shelter, they gain access to community resources such as legal, medical, housing, education, training programs, and employment.


Domestic Violence Crisis Line

1-800-800-1396  or  228-435-0513